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Bite. Feed. Die. Repeat. Chapter 9
Chapter 9: Liv

    The worst thing was the silence that left me with my blackening thoughts; losing light like the road ahead. So many things could go wrong here… The car could run out of fuel or break down… The town could be overrun or there could be nothing there to help… If nothing else, I could just be too slow and Murphy could die or turn right here in the car. Getting Murphy there alive was the only thing keeping my anxious conscience from driving me to the point of shutting down. I kept glancing over at him. By then, he was dipping in and out of consciousness, sweating and shivering at once, and still struggling to drag air through his lungs. The rough ride was the only means he had of staying awake.
    My heart started to race as a few buildings rose up against the shadowed sky. The outlines of more houses, offices and shops became clearer as I approached. This had to be it. I drove by a few expected zombies who ra
:iconamaryllis-bloom:amaryllis-bloom 2 0
Bite. Feed. Die. Repeat. Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Naomi

    The sun broke the horizon just as I woke up, and to my astonishment I was awake while Liv was still sleeping. Luckily, there was no drama of any sort for the rest of last night or in fact the following morning despite Alex’s obvious awkwardness and concerns about our safety.
    “Good morning.” I said to Alex as I jumped down not very gracefully. Ghost got up wagging his tail a little to say hello to me; I gave him a quick pat.
    “Morning.” He replied tiredly. Probably didn’t sleep much by the looks of it. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was going to fall asleep on the horse and fall off again later… We heard more rustling and saw Murphy making his way out of the tree.
    “Hey.” He greeted us, and I noticed Alex fidget uncharacteristically. Ghost jumped up at Murphy to give him a doggy kiss, which Murphy kissed the hound’s furr
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Bite. Feed. Die. Repeat. Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Alex

    Bouncing up and down on a horse all day, trying my best not to vomit, gave me some time alone with my thoughts. My opinion of this group of misfits was pretty much set from the first thing that came outta Naomi’s mouth, continuing to develop in the same direction on seeing the bandage on Murphy’s hand. And then the bloody horses... Their transportation almost broke the deal for me but I didn’t exactly have much of a choice. It was get on the horse or go alone; and going alone out here was dumb enough without mindless freaks skulking around. Generally, at this point, these guys were just insane to me. Alright, of course I understood the thing with Murphy, and I figured I’d eventually understand Naomi. But getting used to these damn animals was another matter entirely. Well… I suppose cars won’t last forever with the population of Australia at an all-time low. If Oz survives I wouldn’t be surprise
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Bite. Feed. Die. Repeat. Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Naomi
    Just when we thought we might start to enjoy the apocalypse, it spat right back in our faces. I was so pissed off that even I was that naïve to think we were safe, that none of us would get hurt – at least not this much. That moment when I knew Murphy was a dead man walking was a real kick in the teeth from reality and that’s why I’m having trouble having any hope for him surviving this million to one chance that we can save him. Not to mention having a gun pointed at my face which seemed to confirm we were all off the deep end.
    Even with my decision not to get my hopes up, I couldn’t stop thinking about that fight with Liv about Murphy’s fate. Truth is I didn’t know what to do. I still didn’t know as we drove down the never-ending road into the outback. Wondered what would I do if I was in his place… Or if he had been about to turn that night, could I have actually
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Bite. Feed. Die. Repeat. Chapter 5 (part 2)
    Ever since that night, I tried to keep track of time but I was never that good at it when I didn’t have my old work schedule. Never mind the day, Naomi forgot to bring her watch and I began to pick up on her cursing whenever she looked at her wrist. But a about a month passed with us holed up in the ranch house, despite the vague plan to move on. But we liked it here. Figured maybe it would be a good set up for the rest of our lives depending on Australia’s state.
The infected weren’t so much of a problem here; the odd one or two drifted close and we could deal with them quietly. Naomi especially liked using silenced rifles for that. As for the rest of Australia, for a while a couple radio stations kept going and there was some news about everything continuing to be shit. At one point, a new voice just barely came through and I think it was about search and rescue. But I wasn’t sure if we wanted to be saved from this self-sufficient life we co
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Bite. Feed. Die. Repeat. Chapter 5 (part 1)
Chapter 5: Liv
    “Guys… Found some… Amazing… Stuff…” Naomi puffed.
    “Where?” Murphy pressed; both him and I were relieved it wasn’t anything to fear.
    “Upstairs… main bedroom…” As soon as she gave up that intel, Murphy was off tearing across the field; wanting to beat Naomi to whatever it was she deemed ‘amazing’ and I’m guessing to call dibs or whatever. “Ah fuck…” Naomi realised her mistake and she gave chase after the boy, not that she could keep up after her sprint from the house. I smirked at the pair and checked on Ghost’s position. With a two-tone whistle, Ghost came bounding to my heel and then the two of us raced after our friends.
    On entering the ranch house, I took a moment to examine the interior. It had a sort of antique or rustic feel, in the sense that everything looke
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Bite. Feed. Die. Repeat. Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Murphy
It felt like weeks since the phone call. And that’s just for me pacing around. It must’ve been a hard ride for the others, especially with the sun beating down like this... I mean, I was mostly just sitting there and I was thinkin’ I’m gonna get heat stroke, never mind the girls out in the sun trying to stay in their saddles… (Not as easy as it looks, trust me). All day I kept a look out for them, and also for any unwelcome guests, sitting in this raised cabin with nothing but a shotgun and a bottle of water for company. That was, until I heard the sound of horse hooves trotting closer.
In an instant I sprang out of my seat, staring out the window to see my friends coming around the bend. To my surprise, there was one more horse than I was expecting, but hell that’s a lot better than having one less. And the girls looked like the queens of the apocalypse; all geared up for survival. Then you look at me and, uh… y
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Bite. Feed. Die. Repeat. Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Naomi
As much as we tried, it was impossible to avoid civilisation completely at this point. Too many suburbs this close to the coast. We skirted the residential areas around Darwin by keeping to the highway simply because we had to; since the woodland was too thick around here to be a) safe and b) quick enough to get through. Despite trying our best to put distance between us and the tidal wave of death, we still bumped into a few 'nutters' – as I started calling them – along our way. Honestly, for the first five minutes I couldn’t shut up – sorry Liv (she was probably still rationalizing everything at this point).
About ten minutes in on our journey… “Whoa, hold on.” Liv’s voice tore me from my daydream and I noticed that she us slowed from our gentle trot to a stop. I squinted into the distance and realised there were some zombies enjoying a meal in the middle of our path.
“Liv, there’s only two...&
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Bite. Feed. Die. Repeat. Prologue and Chapter 1
From the minds of Lauren Griffith and Sophie Howard-King
    First things first, we just wanna let you know a little bit about where we’re coming from… (We’ll make it quick because you’ll get to know us, and some of our friends, well enough through our blood-soaked tales. The impending apocalypse is what everyone’s here for, right?) Anyway; we’re a couple of young ladies in the Northern Territory of Australia, but we’re not from around here. Hell, our home town isn’t even anywhere on the continent. We hail from the British Isles. Figured we’d clear that up so you can imagine us with the right accents. Okay, there's a lot of accents in Britain so we're from East Anglia. And for god sakes we do not have a 'farmer's' accent just because there's a lot of farmland there. We just sound sort of 'regional', or something. Understood? Good. Moving on…
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Some awesome art :D


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Cryptic D
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I live in England (I won't tell you where, you saucy lil stalker, you) ;)

Uni student - Often found asleep, horse riding, walking my dogs, taking photos with my Canon 1200D and occasionally doing work

Volunteered abroad - In Tanzania teaching business, goal setting, career development, CV writing and interview skills in schools and colleges.

Feel free to ask me any questions :D
My horses are my everything, as well as my dogs, cats, and my tortoise basically are my life :happybounce: as well as my awesome friends :squee:

Supernatural is basically my life :love:

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SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW: I don't like exclamation marks being used when people talk to me, I try to tolerate it but it's a weird unknown fact about me.
I hate telling people as I feel as though I am being rude but I dislike them. I just think people are shouting at me or are just putting it to sort of get rid of me (sounds stupid I know :facepalm: I know people put them because they are excited but... I'm just weird and awkward, thought you guys might want to know :)
Please don't hate me :(


Horse riding is not about winning the most rosettes, jumping the highest jump or having the latest equipment. It is about the the trust you put into your horse and the bond you develop. You don't have to be the best, you just have to love what you do <3

Stuff to amuse you:

Twinkle, Twinkle, stupid bitch. Go ahead keep talking shit. You are going way too far, I should hit you with my car XD

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(> )># So, i got you this lil waffle.

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.. (\_/)
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You know what, ima eatin this waffle.

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Thought I would update you all on what I have been up to recently as i barely ever write in this journal, it feels quite odd to me and I just get a blank mind, typers block if you will...

Anyway, this week I have flown out to the Jersey Isles, Jersey Island in particular. 
It is a university trip after all my exams and assessments, to visit Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust or more simply Durrell zoo which is unlike any other zoo I have been to as they have some of the most endangered and threatened species of animals in the world here and actively for decades to stop rare and unknown species from going extinct. 

Gerald Durrell founded the zoo and created it, building it up to be the success and continued conservation project that it is today. 

I fly back to the UK on Sunday but all week I have been having lectures here at the zoo and staying on site as well as completing a behavioural project on one of the animals located here. We have learnt a lot about there conservation efforts over the years in the zoo and abroad as well as the threats that the species face and why its important to conserve them. 

I did my project on a animal called a Coati (pronounced co-arti) 
Its a member of the Racoon family but is diurnal (active out in the day)  compared to raccoons which are nocturnal (meaning they are active at night). 

They arent endangered and are quite common in south america, they live in trees and on the ground foraging and feeding on fruit, veg, lizards, eggs etc so they are omnivorous. I don't really have many pics of them as they are behind glass which is hard to get rid of reflections on and get a clear picture. 

The project I did in my group looked at social behaviour in Coatis and was quite interesting, it helped us get more confident in field work, presenting and gathering data as well as working as  team and analysing it all. I think we did a pretty good job and get a day to chill tomorrow and visit the war tunnels at jersey and go to a conservation/reintroduction field site where Jersey have the agile frog which is only native to Jersey and no where else in the world, so that should be pretty cool.

I have some pretty awesome pics to upload and show you all though of otters, gorillas, red squirrels and gentle lemurs. 

The gentle lemur is endangered and is probably my new favourite animal, so I think I will upload the photos with some information about Durrell, there work and information about the animals so you guys can learn more too.

I have rambled a bit but its been a good trip and to put it short, I will have a bunch of photos to upload so keep a look out.

Peace Out Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] 
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